A charming and  imposing temple of Lord Shankara, another name for Lord Shiva is positioned on a hill  in the west of Ranchi. through the month of Srawana, devotees offer on the lingam. The hill give a panaromic view of city and is one of the  major landmark of Ranchi Town. The Shiva temple is located on the top of the hill  is also known as Pahari Mandir. At the bottom of the hill is Ranchi Lake.

The surroundings are picturesque and to reach the temple at the top of the mountain requires tapping up of more than 300 steps. Many devotees visit this place to make their wishes and also for  the opportunity to thank Lord Shiva for his blessings. A birdís view of the whole Ranchi city is possible from the temple premises and the view is really an enchanting eye pleasing experience. The trees of different species add to the beauty of the hill especially during the rainy season. During Shravan time, the devotees offer Jal (Dhara) to the temple deity and the Shravan season is major draw of the pilgrims.



The main temple is of Lord Shiva after which the temples  has been named. It is situated atop the hill and main place of interest for the pilgrims mainly during the festivals and in the month of shravanas.


Here  lord Shiva is worshipped in its  Mahakal avatar. The  deity  of Mahakal  is situated in the  entrance of the  temple on the left side prior starting of the steps.

In this temple shakti is worshipped in form of  Goddess Kali . This deity is situated  in the right hand side benith the stairs. 
This temple is situated in the middle of the hill on the right hand side. In this temple  the deity is of  lord shiva and is black in colour. 

This temple is for the disciple of Lord Rama, bajrangbali who is also known as Hanumanji. The deity of Hanumanji is sculpted out from a single stone or Chhatan which is a singnificance itshelf. On the occasion of Ramnavami significant flag of Lord Hanuman is been furled whole through the premise every year.


This temple is set in the top of the hill beside the Shiva temple and is 30years old. Here shakti is residing  in its  two form as goddess Durga and Parvati.


Just in the nose room of the Shiva temple there situated the Naag Mandir. In the month of Shravana monks draws attention of the devotees by keeping snake with themselves. Here lies the footprint of Lord Shiva which is the main place of attraction for the pilgrims and visitors.



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