Skandpuran says:::

Mantraheena Kriyaheena Yat Kritam Poojanam Harey: |
                   Sarva Sampoornatameti Kritey Nirajanaey Shivey: ||

Aarti is also known as "Aaratrik" or "Aaratik" and "Niranjan" and of the main ritual of pooja or worship . This ritual  is done at the end of Pooja and according to  the customs it forgives  the mistakes if some  happened  during Pooja.


There are 5 Aartis of Pahari Mandir
Mangala Aarti Saloni Aarti Manokamna Aarti
04:30am-05:00am 06:30am-06:45am 08:30am-08:45am
Bhog Sringaar Sringaar Aarti Darshan  
01:00pm-2:00pm 07:30pm-09:00pm
Dainik Pooja/Archana

In the morning Rudrabhishek is done in the name of the member in which all Pooja ingredients are arranged from the temple. If present, the Devotee and his family is provided Bhog Prasadams.

Temple Timings in Regular Days  
Temple Open 04:30am-01:00pm &
Temple Closed 01:00pm-02:00pm  
Sringaar Aarti 07:00pm-09:00pm  
Temple Timings in Shravani Somwaar  
Mangala Aarti 03:30am  
Temple Open for Devotee 04:00am  
Temple Closed for Sringaar 05:00pm  
Sringaar Darshan, Bhog and Aarti 05:30pm  
Temple Closed for Sringaar 07:00pm  
Sringaar Darshan, Bhog and Shayan Aarti 07:30pm  
Temple Closed 09:30pm  


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