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CHONG [ 05:22 PM 26-Nov-2022] from NOVATO
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CARMENDIANT [ 12:23 AM 07-Nov-2022] from LILONGWE
MANI RATAN UPADHYAY [ 03:40 PM 05-Aug-2022] from RANCHI
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OUTWARE [ 02:41 AM 28-Mar-2022] from AVARUA
It is a proud moment for me!
RAHUL KUMAR [ 05:33 PM 26-Jul-2021] from JARIDIH BAZAR
Online booking made through Atom Technologies Ltd for Rs1123.02 towards rudrabhishek on 23/07/20.Neither shown any Confirmation of receipt or not got any further information from your end. Please let me know. The timing.
Proud to be Indian :)
SANJAY SHARMA [ 03:01 PM 07-Dec-2019] from RANCHI
modification in natural thing is not good it should be as a natural. Now because of mans invading in natural beauty of Pahari Mandir its is in endageour status. so please do not do any more modification and plant more trees near and around the Pahari Madi
RAJESH KUMAR SINGH [ 04:28 PM 01-Aug-2016] from RANCHI
BAM BAM BHOLE ............. ....... Jai Shree Ram
ROSHAN KR SONI [ 06:13 PM 29-Jul-2016] from HAZARIBAG
AJAY KUMAR RANA [ 05:10 PM 13-Jul-2016] from RANCHI
GRT HYHY TTYYBFGHH [ 01:40 PM 12-Jul-2016] from RANCHI
SANDEEP KUMAR [ 09:44 PM 28-Apr-2016] from RANCHI
Feel very proud.... OM NAMAH SHIVAY.... JAI BHOLE JAI SHIEV...
PANKAJ KUMAR SHARMA [ 03:10 PM 27-Apr-2016] from RANCHI
great memory for all the peoples of ranchi
HARSHVARDHAN JALAN [ 02:12 PM 11-Mar-2016] from RANCHI
jai hind i also want to say that its bad nature of some people who works in pahari mandir. they throw all tha prasad in dustbin.... it can be distributed to poor ones outside.... very bad feeling i was getting
MAHESH KUMAR MAHTO [ 09:14 AM 11-Mar-2016] from RANCHI
proud to be an Indian.. special thanks for who maked the largest flagpole of India. JAI HIND
VIVEK SAGAR [ 09:00 AM 29-Feb-2016] from DHANBAD
actually we are losing the respect and glory of our world largest indian flag at pahari mandir...its my request to the management and the jharkhand govt. to host the flag ocassionaly i.e on 15 august and 26 january..which will make a craze among people..
ASHUTOSH ANAND [ 10:57 PM 10-Feb-2016] from RANCHI
This is the proud for INDIA as well as INDIAN.
RAJU KUMAR SINGH [ 01:27 PM 09-Feb-2016] from RANCHI
it's a great memory for all Indians & Ranchi should be feel proud for this great work. I would like to see it if I'll come. Thank you. !
ANUBHAV GUPTA [ 12:32 AM 07-Feb-2016] from GREATER NOIDA
the largest flagpole in our jharkhand
SANTOSH KUMAR MAHTO [ 03:19 PM 01-Feb-2016] from NEW DELHI
Proud to be an INDIAN to achivement for hosting our National Flag Largest Flagpole at Pahari Mandir...and Ranchites......... jai hind...
ANUPA LAKRA [ 12:00 PM 28-Jan-2016] from RANCHI
proud to be an indian and ranchites jai hind
SHUBHAM LAKRA [ 11:52 AM 28-Jan-2016] from RANCHI
Om Namah Shivay
SANTOSH KUMAR [ 07:57 AM 26-Jan-2016] from RANCHI
its will be too much fruitful for RANCHI.Carry on RANCHI
Proud to be an INDIAN to achivement for hosting our National Flag Largest Flagpole at Pahari Mandir...and Ranchites.........
SUDEEP KUMAR [ 04:27 PM 23-Jan-2016] from RANCHI
Proud to be an indian,great achivement and memorable nd un4getable moment bles u ,love u all
CHANDAN PANDEY [ 01:18 PM 23-Jan-2016] from RANCHI
Really feeling proud after being a witness of this occasion. Thanks to the administration of PAHARI MANDIR, RANCHI for bringing such a proud thing for every RANCHITES
SUNIL KUMAR [ 01:10 PM 23-Jan-2016] from RANCHI
Proud moment for every Indians to have largest flagpole of the world in Ranchi.
PRIYANKA SINHA [ 01:01 PM 23-Jan-2016] from RANCHI
Proud to be a Ranchites, now we are having the largest flagpole in tricolor from over the glob.
ANIMESH KUMAR MISHRA [ 12:56 PM 23-Jan-2016] from RANCHI

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